Hype Chat: Bridget Kelly Reveals Beauty Must-Haves and Why She’d Swap Hair With Jennifer Lopez


Bridget Kelly is beauty personified. The Roc Nation songbird has gone through many hair and beauty transformations making sure her look always matches what she felt inwardly. “The bangs for me was fun because it kind’ve left some mystery to who I was and what I was doing,” she says, “but then at some point, I got tired and felt like I was hiding a little bit.”

Since her bang phase, the New York-bred singer has entered the realm of short hair and has quickly learned that the shorter length doesn’t equate to less work. “I thought cutting my hair short was going to be less maintenance! I could just wake up and bump it a little bit with the flat iron and go – no. Every three weeks I have to get a cut in the back to get it a little tapered.”

Despite the extra work demanded from her new cut, Bridget is firmly in love with the new look and seeks hairspiration from various celebrities. We caught up with BK to find out how she survived her gum-tastrophe  and why she thinks Jennifer Lopez has hair worth swapping.

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Alley Olivier is a New York-based writer (and recent grad!) whose hair is now a mocha mahogany ‘fro.