Blogger Buzz: Cipriana Quann

Blogger Buzz: Cipriana Quann (Photo Credit: Raydene Salinas) Inspirational, smart and beautiful are just a few ways to describe Cipriana Quann. As co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Urban Bush Babes, she is promoting a natural and healthy lifestyle, one blog post at a time. We caught up with Quann to talk with her on all things beauty. –Allyson Leak

What inspired you to start your site?
Nikisha and I started ‘Urban Bush Babes’ because we wanted to share our experiences and connect with people who may not be exposed to a positive and supportive environment. It was important to create a platform not only highlighting inspiring individuals but also a space to uplift. In a world where the ideal standard of beauty has brainwashed some of our young women of color, affecting their self- esteem, it is important to us to show that our uniqueness, imperfections and life journeys (the good and bad) not only make us beautiful but showcase our strength.

What advice can you give to someone that is interested in going natural but is scared?
I would say to them that it is ok to be scared. The fear we feel most often comes from the fear of others who are frightened of change, so instead of encouragement they try to dissuade you due to their own insecurities or ignorance. Attempting something that is not familiar can be scary and hair is not to be excluded from one of those things.

The most important part is to surround yourself with positive people who encourage change. There are so many women who have been there, done that and been there again (including me). This is really what natural hair vloggers and bloggers are here for, to use their journeys to help inspire you to take the first step.

Photo Credit: Raydene Salinas/HuffPost

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