Makeup Must-Have: Santigold’s Smashbox Collection ‘The Santigolden Age’


Santigold’s eccentric music and style will be transcended through her newest makeup collection, The Santigolden Age. The multi-genre musician teamed up with Smashbox Cosmetics to create a limited-edition beauty line, which will feature an eye liner, eye shadow collage, lip gloss, lipstick and nail polish art strips.

The collection was inspired by Santi’s “post-2012 Golden Age where the earth as we know it ceases to exist,” where all creatures human and non-human harmoniously cohabitate. Styling this collection similar to her out-of-the box personality, the line features themed names, hand-crafted artwork and an unique double-purpose ring.

Her line will be available April 1, 2014 at and various cosmetic department stores. Flip the page to see the cosmetics and their descriptions.

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