Rihanna Goes Grocery Shopping In Chanel For Paris Fashion Week

Rihanna-Chanel-HH4Who knew pushing around a cart in the supermarket could be the next high fashion runway? Covered in Chanel from head to toe, Rihanna and gal pals Joan Smalls and Cara Delevingne had fun picking up a few items on their grocery list for the fashion brand’s Autumn/Winter showcase during Paris Fashion Week.

The trio took turns pushing or being pushed in the cart as they picked up items in Chanel’s Ready to Wear ensembles. According to the Toronto Sun:

Designer Karl Lagerfeld transformed the Grand Palais in Paris, into a Chanel shopping centre at Paris Fashion Week. Complete with aisles of cookies, tissues, booze and even produce, models walked and shopped down the aisles in everything from Chanel’s classic tweed to crop tops to even cross trainer shoes.

Rihanna’s shoulder-length black hair was the perfect style for her fun, lilac Chanel outfit. It’s pretty clear how much fun Rihanna’s having playing dress-up in Paris!

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