Nicole Ari Parker Shares Tips on How To Use “Save Your Do” GymWraps

save-your-do-nicole-ari-parker-hypehairIf you’re a woman of color stressed about exercising because of its effect on a fresh hairstyle, you’re in luck.

Actress Nicole Ari Parker recently chatted with Teena Cathey on her BlogTalkRadio show to talk about her newest creation Save Your Do GymWrap, a stylish headband developed with a patented revolutionary “Edge Control Technology” that minimizes sweat absorption.

“This is weird. In 2012, we still have no way to minimize hair disaster in the gym,” she cited as the reason she wanted so create Save Your Do GymWraps. “I made my first athletic durag in my kitchen out of stuff that I knew absorb sweat.”

After a trial-and-error phase of creation, she finally came up with a way “to minimize the amount of heat styling you have to do just because you want to do some cardio.”

“I do want to make it clear,” she says, “the GymWrap is not a hairdresser, it’s not a styling tool; it’s a style preservation tool. When you take it off, there may be some moisture lingering in your hair. It just won’t be fully messed up.”

So after a great workout using the gymwrap, how do you get your hair to bounce back?

“Before you put the GymWrap on, brush your edges down with a little pomade or wax and then tie the gymwrap on flat. THen when you take it off, if your hair a little bit damo, take a cool air setting on your blow dryer, lift that moisture out and lightly bump your hair back.”

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