Watch: Kelis Shows Off Behind-The-Scenes Glam Session in ‘Jerk Ribs’

Kelis Jerk Ribs videoOkay, so you’re already familiar with our adoration for the hair goddess (oh, and award-winning singer!) Kelis. But we fall even more in love with the caramel-skinned chanteuse in her new video, “Jerk Ribs.”

In the clip, the beautiful foodie delves into some carribean-flavored vibes for the funk-pop record. “This song is the cornerstone of my album,” Kelis told TIME. “So I wanted the video to look like my life, my love — back to the beginning.”

Underneath bouffant hairstyles and huge, dark curls, the doe-eyed songstress opts for an overall retro-like beauty, playing up a red and pink lips, cat eyes and brightening eyeshadows. The visual, however, focuses less on the end result of her look, but how the process from shot to shot, showing off racks of glows and a glam squad prepping the star for the day.

Press play on the next page to feast your eyes on Kelis’ new visual. Food album is in stores on April 22.

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