Yes, I’m In a Relationship and I Hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day CoupleRemember waking up on the day of a big test? The anxiety, stress, agony? I have identical feelings about Valentine’s Day.

Sure it’s nice to receive a cute gesture from your loved one, but we – as greedy, overindulgent Americans – have taken it a bit too far. The romantic holiday is a good concept gone awry, an unnecessary second Christmas for the lovers, and a pity party for singles.

Girls become mood-changing Geminis with all the expectations of their man. “He doesn’t have to do anything major, but he has to do something,” they say. It’s almost like us women set our partners up for failure because no matter how simple we try to make this day, we expect grandeur – elegant dinners, hotel staycations, all-expense-paid trips, jewelry, proposals, etc.

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