It’s Time To Leave Some of These Lip Colors Alone

Blue LipstickThe guys will thank me for this and many women may call me a hater for this: I loathe (with a capital L) crazy-colored lip colors.

There’s nothing appealing about seeing grown women and teens walking down the street or hitting the club with outrageous colors plastered on their pouts. I don’t mind certain shades, but colors that should only be found in the pages of a 90’s pop magazine should never make it onto your lips.

This ridiculous trend is similar to the ones we thought were cool back in the day and make us cringe every time Throwback Thursday comes around, and, well, I’m trying to save you the future embarrassment. Despite what you or your girls tell you, green lips don’t give you edge and blue doesn’t make you fashion forward. And let’s clear up one minor myth many stans like to believe is a fact: everything celebrities do, say or wear shouldn’t be copied. Shocker, I know.

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