Celebrity Hairstylist Gabrielle Corney Talks Carol’s Daughter Cupuacu Collection and 2014 Hair Trends

gabrielle corneyHype Hair: What celebrities are you working with these days?

Gabrielle Corney: I just recently did Kandi Burruss’ hair from Real Housewives of Atlanta for an off-broadway musical called NEWSical. I did her hair for the opening night, then she had a press run on 106 & Park, Bethenny and WPIX 11, so I got the chance to work with her more than one time. She was awesome, a great canvas.

How do you balance what they want their hair to look like and what your vision is for their hair?

It varies. Some people come in and they’re very specific. Other times, they may have an inspiration picture. I worked with Adrienne Bailon and she knows exactly what she wants to look like. Some people, like Kandi, don’t really have a vision. They’re like, ‘You came highly recommended, so I trust you.’

I have been extremely blessed to get referrals. For instance, Kandi was referred to me by Porsha Stewart, another cast member from RHOA, who was also a client of mine. Just recently, I worked with Denise Vasi from Single Ladies and her makeup artist recommended me.

That a great rep to have. Can you tell us about the upcoming Carol’s Daughter campaign you’re working on?

We’re working to give the natural girl’s blowout and press out a little bit more longevity. Do you remember the Chocolat collection? Well, [Lisa Price] changed the packaging, reformulated it and changed the name to Cupuaçu. We tested it before the product came out and it was amazing. It makes the hair feel absolutely incredible. You’ll love it and it smells good! What woman wouldn’t want a product that does exactly what it says it does?

No woman that I know! Seriously, all of Carol’s Daughter’s products smell amazing. So while we’re on hair products, what other hair goodies do you swear by?

I swear by essential oils, believe it or not. I love vitamin E and extra virgin olive oil for treatments as well as daily use. You have to be a little bit careful because some women have greasy hair, but essential oils are the best thing for you, especially the vitamin E because it nourishes your hair and gives it shine at the same time. I’m kind of crushing on L’Oreal’s professional line, Elnett. I actually discovered it when I was in Paris with a client. It took a while for it to get to America, but it’s amazing.

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