Why Nicki Minaj Should Show Off Her Natural Hair More Often

Nicki Minaj Natural HairIn her latest Instagram photoshoot, she promotes her natural hair with the caption, “No perm. No Extensions!” – this is the start. With a fanbase that mocks her every look, if she can get hundreds of tweens and grown women to rock pink wigs, she can do the same for healthy, un-relaxed hair. It’s great that she can recreate any outrageous look she chooses—and there are many—but in doing so, she disses the fans wishing and praying for a mainstream star to become the spokesperson for natural beauty.

It’s time to see more than an array of weaves and overdone “beat” faces. She proved that she can do it all: acting, singing, rapping, brand ownership, and be an overall boss status, but can she give us the absolute real her?

Regardless, I love a woman who has gained such notoriety before the age of 30; we’re just patiently waiting to see if she uses her celeb power to make a widespread healthy hair change. Dear Nicki, we want more.

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