Why Nicki Minaj Should Show Off Her Natural Hair More Often

Nicki Minaj natural hairOnika Maraj is an extremely pretty girl and talented rapper, but more often than not we only get a glimpse of the bright, distracting colors and extravagant wigs of the fictitious character she created, Nicki Minaj.

Up until recently, the Barb has gained major coins by being over-the-top from her hair to her shoes, as she rivaled pop stars like Lady Gaga on red carpets for which star would be wilder. But in 2013, she decided to lose the extreme garments and outrageous hairpieces for an apropos makeunder. Nowadays, she frequently sheds her layers of Barbie doll dresses and wigs to unveil the beauty she is underneath the gimmick. And yesterday was one of those times we were reminded that she not only has flawless bars, she also has long, natural locks to match. 

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