10 Hairstyles For The Bold and Sexy

YaYaWe all have our comfort zone with our hair. Many of us are too afraid to part with our coils, never cutting, coloring or trying a new style. Absurd!

Like you, your hair has its own personality. It speaks for itself and is a representation of who you are, who you’re going to be and how you feel. With that notion, you have to let your inner wild and edgy side free even if just to your hair.

Celebrities do it all the time. They want an edgier look? They get scissor-happy, style-friendly or introduce themselves to a dye bottle. One thing to remember is hair is just that –hair. So let it live a little. Even if you’re too afraid, live vicariously through your hair.

Try these 10 bold and sexy styles for any type of hair. We promise you’re going to love it!

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