22 Celebrities Who Rocked The Best Short Hairdos

Alicia KeysMore and more of our favorite celebrities are trading their long hair for shorter styles. They skip shoulder length and go straight for the bold and sleek super-short coif.

You have stars like Halle Berry, Meagan Good, and Mary J. that aren’t new to this but true to the cropped look. They prove pixie cuts never age as they continue to spice up their short manes in various funky styles over the years. Then, you have the celebs like Rihanna and Kelis that change up their hairstyle so much that they rarely ever have the same short style twice. And the last hair shorties category? The one’s that one day make that bold move to chop off their signature look to bring out their bold and edgy side like Charlize Theron, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys.

Whether they were always #TeamShort, flip flop from long to nearly there or surprised us with their new tresses, we can all agree it’s been the best move for their image. But the more our favorite celebrities chop their style, the more scissor fever spreads, not caring if the upkeep is harder than they could image.

If you’re looking for some hairspiration flip the page to see our favorite celebs who rock short hairstyles the best.

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