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Men’s Corner: 3 Tips For Coloring His Hair Or Beard At Home

Bigen for men
Photo courtesy Bigen

Who says hair color is just for women? Men rock color all the time — and not just to get the grays out (think Chris Brown, Jaden Smith, Lil Yachty and more). But, if he’s not going for a pastel pink hue, he doesn’t necessarily need to hit the salon to get colored.

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Here, hair color giant Bigen shows how easy it for him to comb through color into his hair or beard at home in just 15 minutes flat.

The primary tip they offer up is to look for a no-drip formula that can easily be combed in. Bigen EZ Color Kit formula fits the bill and won’t leave any mess in your bathroom for clean-up — or stain the skin.

Make sure to read instructions thoroughly before applying hair color. Next, mix up a small amount at a time — especially if you’re only looking to cover up grays. After washing, make sure to get a deep conditioner to keep hair moisturized and manageable without drying out.

Press play below to see the color kit in action.