#NYFW: Get Into The Jewel-Encrusted Nails For ‘Blonds X Moulin Rouge’

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Dramatic. Vibrant. Eye-Catching. Those are just a few of the words to describe The Blonds and their latest NYFW show did not disappoint. Their S/S 2020 presentation Tuesday (Sept. 10) night paid homage to Moulin Rouge with an epic mash-up of fashion and theatre with all the glam and sparkle we could ask for.

The creative duo also partnered with CND for another dose of nail magic. Jan Arnold, co-founder and style director of CND brought glitz, grandeur and glory for the show. Showcasing various designs made with diamonds, precious metals, roses, and gold bullion, these nails are unlike anything we’ve ever seen!

NYFW Blonds X Moulin
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“When The Blonds called and said, ‘This season we’re collaborating with ‘Moulin Rouge,’ we went to the root of who The Blonds are: sexy, elegant, over the top, pushing the edge at length,” Jan told Hype Hair

What truly sets these nails apart from other designs is the intricate detailing.

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“We set out to create designs that provide refraction of light and rose detailing, handmade with liquid and powder to complement the clothing,” added Jan. “Of course, we had to include a ton of crystals, like usual!”

Each set takes a total of 20 hours to create. With press-on nails becoming the norm for backstage glam, CND handcrafted these designs ahead of time.

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“These nails are pre-made and are glued on each model before showtime,” Jan shared. Since we’ve been working with The Blonds for quite some time, we know the models they usually use. So, we custom make them to fit each model perfectly.”

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