Indya Moore Rocked These Custom Earrings To Honor Murdered Black Trans Women

Indya Moore
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Pose star Indya Moore is not just about statement-making beauty. They are also about making statements with their beauty. The 24-year-old model and actor hit up the red carpet Fashion Media Awards Thursday (Sept. 5) night draped in a red and gold Oscar de la Renta gown and chic cornrows coiffed by celeb stylist Monaè Everett.

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But it was Indya’s waist-length earrings that turned the volume up on their classic look. The earrings featured 16 frames paying tribute to each of the 16 trans women who have been murdered in 2019. All of them are Black. And, as of Friday, the number has risen to 18.

Indya Moore
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Designer Areeayl Yoseefaw was commissioned by Indya’s stylist Ian Bradley to created the custom jewelry “to pay tribute to and also build awareness for the 16 (now 17) trans women who were murdered this year in the USA,” Areeayl wrote on Instagram Thursday evening.

“The issue is so pressing that after creating the earring and three days before the event, Bailey Reeves, a 17-year-old girl from Baltimore was killed. For her, Indya carried a frame around with her face.”

Indya Moore
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“I am black and I am trans,” said Indya in their Cover of the Year award acceptance speech for their history-making ELLE cover. “Right now the Supreme Court, they are voting on whether or not trans people can access employment, shelter, and healthcare in the same ways that you all have access.”

“It’s hard to celebrate being celebrated for being myself during when people like me are being murdered for being themselves,” said Indya who used not only fashion but their speech to raise awareness of the growing crisis.

“I accept this award in honor of the truth that the best award, and the award we all deserve, is to be able to get home safe. I accept this award in good faith that my recognition doesn’t lead to the erasure of other trans and GNC folks who also deserve healthcare, housing, safety, and visibility. Magazine covers, runways, leading film and TV roles. Doctorate degrees, high school diplomas, college educations. And families, lovers, and representation everywhere and every space. Each and every one of us, and everyone that we know, our families, friends,” said Indya.

“Trans people deserve safety, acknowledgment and respect,” they continued. “Not just when we’re on the cover of magazines, but when we are in the streets, when we are poor, when we are sex workers. When our hair ‘aint laid. When we can’t afford Louis Vuitton. Or when we can’t get access to a hormone shot. And especially when we are dying.”

And, with a sad confirmation of their passion, Indya shared a new post with news of the death of Bee Love, the now 18th Black trans women murdered this year.

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