Jackie Aina Teams With Allure To Launch ‘Beauty Detective’ Series

“Beauty Detective”/ Allure

Jackie Aina continues to solidify her reign in the beauty industry. Fresh off the release of her eyeshadow palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills, the beauty influencer has teamed with Allure to host her own investigative beauty series.


“Beauty Detective” investigates and explores beauty hacks, myths, and trends found on the internet. In each episode, Jackie will answer questions from beauty fans while offering fresh tips and tricks to viewers.

“Beauty Detective”/ Allure

Fans of Auntie Jackie know that she’s good for spilling the tea, so it seems like a perfect fit for the star. A new episode is set to drop every other Friday exploring viral trends such as using color pencils as eyeliner and DIY hair dye, along with new tips and tricks for your beauty skills.

In the first episode, which premiered today, Jackie speaks with a cosmetic chemist about the science behind setting sprays. She then tests out theories on a model running on a treadmill.

Press play below to check out the first episode.

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