Keke Palmer Reveals When She First Fell In Love With Her Hair

Keke Palmer
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Keke Palmer is our unofficial queen of switch-up with her ever-changing tresses, so we were too thrilled to spot her at the Bronner Bros 2019 mid-summer beauty show in Atlanta.

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She posed it up in a striped pantsuit by Asos while rocking hella inches in a high, textured ponytail with gold thread detailing.

Before she lit the stage up with a performance of her new single “Twerk & Flirt,” the beauty announced that she is now officially a fulltime co-host on ABC’s Strahan and Sarah and chatted it up about her new role in her new film Hustlers, where she is co-starring alongside Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Lizzo, and Constance Wu.

“The movie is about these strippers who get hard on times as the economy changes,” said Keke. “They come up with the idea to seduce men and rob them. Though that’s such a heavy concept, the movie has a lot of heart. It kind of like gives you a female Goodfellas type of vibe.”

Of course, no hair show conversation would be complete without talking about hair. The beauty shared when she first fell in love with her hair and why it’s so important to celebrate Black beauty.

When she first fell in love with her hair:

“I fell in love with my hair when I did that big chop,” she told Hype Hair. “Maybe like in 2016. Before then, I think I always felt like my hair had to be a certain way in order to be good or look right. I think it’s kind of the cycle that we all go through just to see what makes something look good — and it’s not always defined by you. And so for me, I wanted to do that big chop because I wanted to have that rebirth and have that new relationship with my hair.”

What her hair relationship is like now:

My relationship that I now have with my hair is so much different than it was when I was a kid. Since [the big chop]. I’ve been just gagged beyond belief and just so how happy about strong and beautiful my hair is, how resilient it is…And, also just realizing when you show your hair love and show it attention, it really does respond to it. So that’s been a fun journey for me. I’ve got my steamer — I steam my hair twice a week. It’s just a blast!

Why it’s so important to celebrate Black beauty:

I think it’s important that we have representation because when a little girl sees television or sees something that talks about beauty [and] loving yourself, if it’s not something that also represents her, then it can create a scenario where she doesn’t believe that that conversation includes her. That’s why representation is so important — especially in terms of Black beauty. We want all the young Black boys and girls to know that they are capable of having a love story and happiness that anyone else is capable of having. 

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