Would You Try Press-On Toenails?

imPRESS Press-on Pedicure
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This past weekend’s Beautycon LA 2019 was chockfull of all sorts of new hair and beauty trends and must-try products. But, one beauty hack hit our radar that had us doing a double-take: press-on toenails.

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While we’ve all seen or rocked press on paint jobs for our fingernails, I personally have never seen ones for the toes. But, apparently, they have been a thing for years.

Beauty influencer Jackie Aina recently hit up Access Live! to share her love of over-the-top-trends, including bright eyeshadow pigments, multicolor color extensions, and glitter press-on pedicures.

“I’m not committed to them yet,” she shared, showing off a glitter set by Dashing Diva ($12). “I’m just now getting committed to the nails. We’re going to slowly work to the feet, but it’s really cute!”

After digging a bit deeper, this beauty hack makes sense for those looking for an instant color or bedazzled accent fix — or if you happen to damage one of your toenails.

Yeah… I might have to pass on this trend, but don’t let me stop your beauty fix. Would you rock a press-on pedicure? Sound off below.

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