#CloseUp: Megan Thee Stallion Serves Up Anime Vibes For ‘PAPER’

Photo Credit: Arturo Evaristo

“Hot Girl Summer” is the newest movement that has taken over pop culture thanks to Houston femcee Megan Thee Stallion. So, it’s no surprise that the star is taking over the editorial game with a digital cover spread for PAPER Magazine.

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Lensed by Arturo Evaristo, the beauty brings anime culture to life! For the cover, she flaunts a half-platinum blonde, half-red hued unit slayed by Alonzo Arnold. Meg tops off the Todoroki-inspired look with a beauty beat featuring a red circle around her eye and a glossy lip painted on by Alissa Ashley.

Megan The Stallion x PAPER
Photo Credit: Arturo Evarista

Styled by Sarah Toshiko West and Kiana Fitz, the beauty strikes a fierce pose rocking pieces by Bizarre Fetish Couture. Inside, the beauty gets candid about her late mother’s influence on her rap career, “Hot Girl Summer” becoming playful competition, fans asking about her strong knees, and much more.

On her late mother Holly Thomas’ influence on her music career:

“I feel like off the strength that my mom was a rapper, and the music that her and my dad put in my ear as a child, it was bound to happen,” she shares. “Me watching her write and me watching her go in the studio and lay her verses down. Just to see how dedicated she was, that was normal to me. That just became the thing that I saw around my house. We bumping Pimp C, we listening to Three 6 all the time, we listening to Biggie. You know what I’m saying? I’ve always been a big fan of music. Just me growing up and turning into Meg Thee Stallion, this is a product of my environment.”

On “Hot Girl Summer” becoming a playful competition:

 “I don’t know what made it a competition,” Megan says, laughing. “It was the stupid boys. It just turned into a whole big ol’ thing. Now if it was a competition, I would definitely say that the Hot Girls have been in the lead. The Hot Boys is acting up… they showing some very ratchet behavior that has not been that cute. They talking about they wins and they doing grimy stuff. I’m like, ‘No baby, that’s not how you get points.'”

On fans asking about her knees:

“They keep asking me about my knees,” she says, cracking up. “I be like: ‘Well you know, just drinking a lot of water…'”

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