How To Recreate These Retro Ombré Glitter Nails At Home

model for Rodarte limited collection
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Retro vibes reigned supreme at the launch of Rodarte’s Radarte collection launch Thursday (Aug. 1) night. More than 300 celebs and fashion influencers partied it up at Milk Studios in Los Angeles with a colorful, ’80s disco theme — complete with roller rink and models on roller skates — for the limited-edition collection.

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Of course, no retro theme can be complete without hair, makeup and, of course, nails! The entire evening was a rainbow of vibrant hues, big hair and over-the-top slay. While we may not be ready to rock a teased bang for everyday wear, we were all about the glam ombré glitter nails painted by Miss Pop.

We got all the backstage deets on the color magic she created, which she said was inspired by the roller rink’s disco lights.

OPI X Rodarte
Photo courtesy of OPI

“With the lights dim, the splash of light and color sets the mood – it’s time to strut, speed, shimmy and showboat. So, OPI brought that attitude to the nails — nothing says “go for it!” quite like glitter.”  

Read on for step-by-step tips to recreate at home.

Get The Look

First, create your own custom glitter top coat, using OPI’s Top Coat. Either grab a used bottle or pour out about 1/3 of a brand new bottle to create room for the glitter. Next, create a funnel cone with a small piece of paper to pour your favorite cosmetic glitter into the bottle. For the show, Miss Pop said she used glitter size .015. Close and shake up the bottle.

OPI X Rodarte
Photo courtesy of OPI

Now paint nails with one coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and two coats of a pastel nail lacquer like OPI’s “Two Timing the Zones.”

Next, shake up a bottle of custom glitter OPI Top Coat to get the glitter flakes evenly distributed. Then, wipe one side of your brush of the bottle neck to remove any extra top coat. This should leave one side of the brush facing you with a bunch of glitter on the tip and a little top coat. 

Now, starting at the very bottom of the nail, dab that glitter down by the of your cuticle. Stack it so the glitter is completely covering the rim of your nail. 

Dunk the brush back in the glitter polish and then, stroke and dab up towards the free edge to fade the glitter. You should stroke up to about 3/4th of your nail.

Pro-tip: The bottom quarter of your nail should be completely covered in glitter. The second quarter should have some glitter. The third quarter should have sparse glitter. The quarter by your free edge should have no glitter. 

Once painted, seal with plain top coat.

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