[Close-Up] Justine Skye Serves Up Edgy Chic Vibes In ‘Schon’

Photo Credit: Sloan Laurits

Justine Skye is having a major style moment! The songstress/actress is serving up a heck of a fashion slay with her latest spread in Schon! Magazine.

Styled by Anthony Pedraza, the “Build” singer flexes for the camera in edgy looks from Kaimin and Private Policy. She traded in her signature purple hues for dark sleek tresses with a super short blunt-cut bang coiffed by Evanie Frausto and a glowing beauty beat by Juan Jaar.

Photo Credit: Sloan Laurits

Inside the spread, the beauty talks finding her sound, her acting career, her experience with domestic violence and more.

On finding her sound:

“Musically, I have grown even more, as every artist should,” she tells Schon.” I’m finally trusting my instincts. I know that I’ve finally begun to truly find my sound, now it’s all about the execution. I went from not caring at all, to caring way too much, to know what is and what is not worth my time and energy. Overall, I’m extremely grateful to be experiencing it all, the good and the bad.”

On getting her start in acting:

“Music has always been the main agenda, but acting has always been something I wanted to venture into at some point,” she shares. “I’ve been on maaaaany auditions since I was about 17. It wasn’t until 2 years ago when I realized why I wasn’t getting any roles. I would get a bit discouraged and would tell myself that the right role will come my one day. I had to get rid of the fear of being judged… which is literally the first step! Once I was ready to do that I landed my first role as the co-lead in what is now retitled “Already Gone”. I was in shock when they told me I got the part, I had to ask them to check again, it didn’t register. Once I started filming, I knew it was something I wanted to do a lot more of.”

On domestic violence shifting the entertainment industry:

“I can’t say I’ve seen much of a change, but I also can’t say I haven’t seen any at all,” she explains. “But as time progresses I learn more and more why people don’t speak out about any trauma they’ve experienced from any celebrity. I am hoping that one day the music industry, especially the hip-hop circle, will hold these artists accountable and not brush it under the rug just because they like their song.”

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