Cover Story: Ellarie On Being (And Raising) A Beauty Mogul

Hype Hair X Ellarie & YoshiDoll
Photo Credit: Drea Nicole

YouTube is saturated with makeup enthusiasts and influencers, but few really stand out. There are even fewer who can cultivate the on-camera talent of their children who aspire to walk in their footsteps. But that’s what beauty blogger Ellarie has done.

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From amassing a following of nearly two million viewers across multiple platforms to being a mommy to her daughter Yoshidoll—a budding YouTube star in her own right—this influencer continues to be one to watch. 

Grind Pretty caught up with Ellarie to talk about her favorite products, parenting a rising star and her definition of beauty. 

— Mimi Johnson

Hype Hair X Ellarie & YoshiDoll
Photo Credit: Drea Nicole

GRIND PRETTY: What are your five beauty product must-haves! 
ELLARIE: Eye cream/serums, Olay SPF Sun Facial, ColourPop Steelo lip gloss, mascara, and charcoal masks. 

GP: How do you define beauty? 
ELLARIE: Whatever brings you joy, gives you confidence or makes you smile is beauty. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder because it is defined by whatever makes you happy. 

GP: We see that your daughter is following in your footsteps. What steps did you take to get her involved? 
ELLARIE: I literally allowed her to be herself. I didn’t plan for her to be involved. She has always just loved being in front of the camera and asked if she could film. Now, my goal is to just hone in on her talents and guide her through, while still making sure she has fun being a kid. 

GP: What is a quote or mantra you live by? 
ELLARIE: Live life to the fullest. 

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