A White Woman Claims To Have Invented The Silk Bonnet (And Is Selling Them For $98)

Photo Credit: NiteCap

In today’s edition of #WhatTheHair news, a White woman claims to have invented the silk bonnet. We are trying to figure out that could possibly be when Black women have been using them for decades to protect our edges, keep our tresses from drying out and our new ‘dos from becoming a don’ts.

Call it a satin scarf, bonnet, head wrap, whatever — it is one of the holy grails of Black haircare and, nearly every Black household has at least one lying around.

But, just like boxer braids, another “inventor” has come along to take credit (read: cultural appropriation) for our ish.

According to Sarah Marantz Lindenberg, founder of NiteCap, she “came up with the idea” to create a silk bonnet after she suffered acne breakouts and hair breakage because there was nothing on the market like it.

“My concept came out of a problem that needed solving,” she told Fashion magazine. She even went on to say “there were products on the market but none of them had a functional and fashionable solution for me—synthetic fabrics that I felt did more damage, or horrible colours that I felt silly going to sleep in

Wait, what? Oh, I get it. This must be how Becky got the good hair.

And, she’s selling it for $98.

Sorry, Sarah, but we can buy this tried-and-true haircare staple at any local beauty supply, dollar store or Black-owned company for about $20.

Now, we can be mad at her for claiming this nonsense, but does Fashion Magazine not fact check before sharing content? Or even Forbes, which listed it in its “Best the World of Wellness Has to Offer” list? Didn’t anyone do their research?

And, to add insult to injury, the NiteCap is basic AF. What is up with the ugly bow? Where are the adjustable drawstrings? Can I get a pattern? What about options for big-haired women?

I can’t. And, thankfully, neither can Black Twitter. They came through with all of the clapbacks to read this woman and company as the joke of the century.


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