Celeb Makeup Artist Ashunta Sheriff Swears By This Household Staple For Glowing Skin

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When it comes to the makeup game, Ashunta Sheriff is leading the pack! With a hefty list of celeb clients — ranging from Taraji P. Henson, Zendaya and Diddy — and her own makeup line, she has become a trailblazing force in the industry.

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She also knows when to stick with her tried-and-true beauty secrets to up her glam game. One of those is the ever-present jar of Vaseline tucked away in our bathroom cabinets. She says it’s a must-have in her beauty arsenal and has served as a major healing remedy for a slew of skincare concerns. That, and being a mother, made her a perfect for Vaseline’s #ListenToYourMoms campaign.

Last month, we chopped it up with the beauty about expanding her beauty empire and how she really achieves Taraji’s glowing skin.

HYPE HAIR: How does being in the Vaseline campaign connect with your beauty experiences?
ASHUNTA SHERIFF: Vaseline is the one product my 90-plus grandmother had in her cupboard. When I would go to rural Mississippi, (tears up), she’s getting older and I have to go and see her. I remember being down south and going in her master bathroom and she had a big ol’ jar. She taught me out-of-the-box remedies that most people wouldn’t think of.

HH: How does that connect today?
Vaseline is generational for us. The product has also been passed down to me by my mother who always applied a layer to my face before I headed out to school. Now, with me smearing it on my daughter Nami’s face when she’s heading out to school. I also appreciate the brand’s inclusivity with ad campaigns featuring women and people of color. I love what Vaseline stands for. It’s sentimental to me. So, that’s why this campaign is important because she (points to daughter) has to listen to her mom (laughs).

HH: What are some of your favorite ways to use Vaseline Jelly?
AS: For this year’s 2019 BET Awards, Taraji’s leg went viral. When she presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Tyler Perry, everyone was going crazy. People want to know the secret to a glowing leg and it’s Vaseline. I mixed it with my bronzer from my makeup line, Ashunta Sheriff Beauty — it’s called “Boss Babe.” You can throw glitter in it too to make a great body shimmer with it. You can also make a highlighter with it!

A lot of times people would ask, “How do you get Taraji’s skin glowing?” Many times when I finish her makeup, I would use a thin coat of product on my hands to press into her skin. You can multitask using this one product. It’s also applied to the heels of her feet to keep them smooth.

HH: Who are some of the other celebs you’ve worked with? Who is on your wish list?
ASHUNTA: I’ve had the honor of working with Condolezza Rice. I’ve worked with so many people from Sanaa Lathan, Tika Sumpter, Megan Good, Sharon Stone, Marisa Tomei, Adrienne Bailon, Rihanna, just so many people.

I just made this comment the other day — at this point, I only want to work with Oprah (laughs). There are two women on my list: Michelle Obama and Oprah.

HH: While you’re working on scheduling those two stars, what else can we look forward to?
ASHUNTA: Right now, with where I am, I would like to become an educator, and motivational speaker to inspire people. I really want to grow my makeup brand and take it to the next level.

HH: Anything else?
: I’m also working on a TV show and a book that will be a memoir. I think it would be inspirational for many people. I’m originally from Harlem, it didn’t look like the Harlem we know right now. I grew up during the crack epidemic when it was really rough and your parents had no choice to make you a latch key kid. So, I grew up during a rough time in NYC. I was able to travel the world seven times over. I don’t brag, I always tell everyone you can do it too!

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