Porsha Williams Wants To Know How To Regrow Her Edges After Postpartum Hair Loss

Porsha Williams
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Porsha Williams has been all about that new mommy life. She’s been showing off mommy-and-me photoshoots left and right and her post-pregnancy snap back has been one for the books. But, now the reality tv star is getting hit with the hairline blues.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star took to Instagram Tuesday to share her own postpartum hair loss woes. “My edges have fallen out after childbirth!,” she said. “I heard it would happen but I didn’t think it would have snatched mine.”

It’s a pretty common new mommy issue. After the joy of welcoming in your new baby and enjoying all of that fabulous new growth, it seems your hair starts to shed out of nowhere, even coming out in clumps.

She asked for some “real mommy tips” to get her edges back in formation, and social media came through with all sorts of recommendations.


Fans suggested everything from continuing to take prenatal vitamins and rubbing Jamaican black castor oil on her edges to drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods.

Of course, those things are must-dos for any healthy hair journey, but it’s important to know postpartum hair loss is hormonal — and inevitable.

During pregnancy, your hair follicles are all in an active growing stage (anagen) — that’s why your hair was extra thick and flourishing! Then up to three months after childbirth, hair returns to its normal resting stage, so you end up with tons of shedding.

Given that, patience is key. You will need to be extra protective with your hair to increase retention while your hair grows back to its natural state. This could take anywhere from six months up to a year.

It also means you may have to change up your hairstyle to hide the current loss (satin scarves could become your best friend) — and to help protect and promote new growth. (Sorry, Porsha — you’re going to have to chill out on those frontals for daily slay. )

Two easy go-tos for kinky curl hair are twist- and braid-outs and loosely pulled back buns. For sleek tresses, instead of a combover, think a “comb-forwards with strategic middle and side parts based on where your hair loss is in the front. Or you can take this time to edge up your look with faded, tapered sides or even an undercut.

Just don’t stress too hard. This kind of hair loss is only temporary. But, if you do think it’s something more severe, press pause on the next YouTube tutorial and hit up your dermatologist.

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