Cardi B’s Over-The-Top Nails Come To Life In New Reebok Ad

Cardi B X Reebok X Nails

Cardi B is known for her over-the-top, colorful crystal blinged-out nail sets. Now she’s bringing the nail drama to her latest campaign with Reebok. In her latest effort with the sportswear brand, Cardi shows off her nail game in a hilarious (yet, creepy) clip.

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Posted up in a hair salon with a full-on roller set on her rainbow-colored unit, she gabs aways until noticing her ’80s classic Club C 85 Vintage sneakers are untied.

With the whole salon on pause (and Cardi unable to move from under the dryer), her magical nails take on a life of their own as they grow long enough to reach and lace the shoe.

The commercial “is a salute to Cardi’s own life experience, which saw her challenge expectations to become a self-made maven and incorporates boundary-pushing nail art that has become an iconic feature of her style,” said Reebok in a recent statement.

Press play below to watch her nails in action.

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