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7 Tips For A Drama-Free Big Chop

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For so many women, the hair drama isn’t in giving up the creamy crack. It’s figuring out what the heck to do with your hair once you’ve big chopped.

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You might be feeling a little bare, vulnerable and unprepared. That’s okay, you’re not alone. While everyone’s journey is different, there are a few basics to help you live your best hair life.

We caught up with Pat G. Williams, hair expert and Crème of Nature brand educator, to get some advice on how to enjoy all the perks of short hair and how to make it through (and enjoy) each “season” of new growth.

Read on for seven tips for slaying your first (or next) big chop.

big chop phases
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Rediscover your hair

“Loving your natural hair is getting to really know YOUR natural hair,” says Pat. “After the big chop, your hair may be a little tighter than it appeared before cutting it.”

Develop a new regimen

While shorter hair may be easier to manage and care for, it still requires TLC. “This is the hair that in one year could be 5-6 inches longer,” Pat reminds us. She recommends a weekly hair steaming or intensive conditioner or a mask with a hooded or bonnet dryer.

Keep it trim

Say no to split ends and fairy knots. “Regular trims are still very important every 6-8 weeks to maintain healthy hair and avoid split ends,” says Pat. “This should be less than a half-inch.”

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