5 Tips For Healthy Tresses This Protective Style Season

Box Braids
Photo Credit: Asia Newman

Avoid too tight hairstyles

“I am sure you have heard, ‘the tighter, the better, the neater’ when it comes to a protective hairstyle,” says Dr. Mac. “However,” she shares, “the tighter, the more hair root damage in affected areas.” Be especially careful of your hairline which has thinner skin and therefore has more fragile hair roots. This tightness can potentially result in hair loss called “tension alopecia.” Therefore, it is crucial to tell your stylist if you feel any tightness while they are braiding or twisting your hair. This is a critical sign that the nerves around your hair roots within your scalp are becoming irritated.

Keep your scalp clean

“Although you may be wearing a protective hairstyle and feel less stress of daily maintenance, you can not forget your overall weekly scalp health,” says Dr. Mac.

“Between the heat, sweat, environment, dust and hair products, your scalp can grow Pityrosporum yeast causing Seborrheic Dermatitis,” she says. She recommends washing hair every 7 to 10 days.

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