Beauty Blogger Now Bald After Hair Falls Out During IG Live

Lola Faith
Photo Credit: Instagram/@lorijfaith

Licensed hair pros say this all the time: see a professional when you need something major — like a color or a cut — done. But, the age of beauty bloggers and influencers has made far too many of us more confident than earned in our kitchen beautician skills.

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Case in point: beauty blogger Lorraine Blake, better known as Lola Faith. She is now repping for bald baddies after an Instagram Live tutorial gone wrong last week.

Known for sporting every shade of the rainbow on her teen weeny afro (and via her crazy wig game), she took to IG last week to share with fans her relaxing and bleaching process to get a new blue hue.

Instead, tens of thousands watched as she combed her hair out in clumps from the top of her hair.

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“I’m f*cking bald,” she captioned the hair fail on her Instagram feed. Thankfully, she’s taking it in good stride and letting her scalp breathe (and heal)>

We could seriously walk through all of the fails — like relaxing her hair before bleaching it (DO NOT EVER!). Or that’s she’s lucky that she didn’t permanently damage all of her hair follicles (we see that new growth coming in).

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letting my bald head breath for the day

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But, hopefully, she’s learned her lesson and fans will also take heed. As beauty lovers, we always, always recommend consulting with a professional before making a dramatic (or chemical) change.

Like celeb hairstylist Ursula Stephen captioned when sharing Lola’s video: “Everyone thinks they’re a hairstylist until they realize it just isn’t that simple.”

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