[Close-Up] Halsey Shows Off Short Natural Curls For ‘Rolling Stone’

Halsey X Rolling Stone The Hot Issue
Photo Credit: Paola Kudacki

Halsey is getting major buzz for her latest cover spread. The “Nightmare” singer trades in her normally lengthy (and straighter) looks to show off her natural curls for Rolling Stone‘s Hot Issue.

For the cover, she serves face with a no-makeup face beat with her freckles on full display and a short curly crop paired with a white tee.

The pop singer is also trending for the spread which seems to capture her sun-kissed glow (read: darker skin tone) and unshaven underarms.


Not sure what the drama is for, though. She looks the same complexion as she did at the Met Gala red carpet earlier this year. (It’s got to be the hair that’s got folks’ panties in a bunch).

Ironic, since Halsey has been consistently forthcoming about her mixed-race heritage (her father is African American and her mother is White) and the fact that she is White-passing. In 2016, she told Playboy, “I look like a White girl, but I don’t feel like one. I’m a Black woman.”

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