Mancave4Hair Is Helping Men Get Their Hairlines Back

Dr. Brooke Womack-Elmore
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By the age of 35, more than 40% of men will have noticeable hair loss. While some men accept their hereditary hair thinning and balding, others fall under the radar because it isn’t spoken about enough. Dr. Brooke Womack-Elmore is focusing on changing that narrative for men going through hair loss and providing them with options to make them feel more comfortable. 

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Dr. Brooke created Mancave4Hair, or the “man weave,” as a solution for ethnic men who crave realistic, non-surgical hair replacement options. After an unsuccessful attempt at breaking into the overly-saturated women’s hair industry, she decided to take her focus elsewhere. 

“I really started to hone in on this market when my husband started suffering from male pattern baldness early in our marriage,” said Dr. Brooke. “In trying to help him navigate, I realized there were absolutely zero options for men of color.” 

Photo Credit: Mancave4Hair

Women have had the option of wigs and weaves for decades. Men have also had options since the 1950s, but there were few offerings for textured hair. Over time, the ethnic community took the toupee and revolutionized it, thus coining the term “man weave.”  Today, Dr. Brooke offers up premium male units as part of the first hairline exclusively for men as more and more open to expanding their grooming and haircare needs.

Mancave4hair offers an array of textures—from a traditional low-cut fade and curly tops to cornrows and locs. While the more coarse and curly textures for ethnic men are the primary focus, Mancave4Hair does offer straight textures for non-ethnic men. 

Pricing for different units depends on the type of hair, hair structure, and the design and craftsmanship of the hair. Standard units range from $250–$300, while custom units can go as high as $700. Installation prices vary by the professional who is performing the installation, but usually range from $150–$500 and can last up to three months.

Before the installation process begins, consumers are encouraged to have a consultation with their stylist or barber to make sure they are the ideal candidate. Once selected, the hair units are adhered to the scalp with the brand’s hypo-allergenic Muscle Strong Bond Adhesive and integrated into the preexisting hair, if any. It is encouraged to use a dry shampoo with the unit and exfoliate using the Mancave4hair skin care line. 

Mancave4Hair is now looking to branch out into beauty supply stores to become more accessible to customers. With easier access to hair options in local areas, more men can regain their confidence with their hair. 

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