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3 Tips To Beat Skin Discoloration

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Skincare staple Palmer’s has been giving us clear skin life for more than 175 years. The beauty brand is all about helping beauty lovers learn what causes skin discoloration, commonly called hyperpigmentation, to help them on their journey to clear skin. For starters, it’s important to know how why dark marks are forming in the first place.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by all sorts of factors – some preventable and some not. Tops on the list is aging, which can lead to dark skin (or liver) spots that are even more common than wrinkles or loss of firmness.

Discoloration can also be caused by environmental triggers, most commonly sun damage from UV exposure, acne scarring, severely dry skin and pregnancy which leads to the onset of melasma, also known as the “pregnancy mask.”

Thankfully, skin discoloration does not have to be permanent. Even without treatment, most acne-caused discoloration will fade within a 3- to 24-month time frame.

But, for those of us who are not looking to wait two years for clear skin, try Palmer’s Skin Success line, including its new Glow Trio, which breaks down the three steps to beat blemishes.

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Stop The Spots

Skin discoloration is due to an increase in the tyrosinase activity, the chemical responsible for melanin production. Excess melanin then forms in a concentrated area that creates the area of pigment skin that is darker than the surrounding skin tone.

The first step, then, in fading discoloration begins with inhibiting the production of tyrosinase and therefore the enzyme required for melanin.


The next phase is to remove the discolored surface cells through gentle exfoliation using ingredients, such as alpha hydroxy fruit acids or retinoids. Once the hyperpigmented surface cells are sloughed away, a more uniform, balanced layer of skin is revealed.

Protect Skin

The last step is to protect the skin and prevent darkening from recurring by regularly using sunscreen.

Palmer’s Skin Success line are formulated specifically to address all three of these skincare concerns to help you reveal a clear, healthy glow — with some beauty lovers seeing results in as few as two weeks.

Topical correcting formulations such as those found in Palmer’s Skin Success line, including Palmer’s Skin Success Glow Face Cream, are specially formulated to address these specific skin concerns.