REVIEW: This Facial Toner Is My New Skincare Must-Have

103 Collection Antioxidant Facial Toner
Courtesy of 103 Collection

The summer season is just a few weeks away and now is the time to lock down a balancing toner! While many people believe that toners are an unnecessary skincare step, this product works to balance the skin and remove residue for a refreshing, cool feel.

One of my newest beauty must-haves in this area comes courtesy of 103 Collection. I tried the beauty brand’s Antioxidant Facial Toner ($10) as part of my post-cleansing routine and it is now a keeper.

The vegan toner is formulated with organic aloe leaf juice, white willow bark extract, tea tree leaf oil, vitamin C, tea tree leaf oil and a slew of other vitamins and minerals designed to reduce signs of aging and balancing the skin’s pH levels without any harsh ingredients.

One quick spray on a face full of makeup provided cool relief for my tight skin. It was also great post-cleanse, giving my face some much-needed hydration and also made it easier for my skin to drink up my moisturizer. N

What I love most is that it’s designed to help clarify and brighten skin. Definitely a must-have for my summer glow.

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