Cover Story: Chaka Khan On Her Love/Hate Relationship With Hair & Her New Hair Collection

Chaka Khan
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As far as Chaka’s signature color, we won’t have to become at-home mixologists. She promises a gorgeous red is on the way as well. “That’s the next thing we’re getting into.”

The collection itself has been a long time coming. “People have been approaching me for many, many years,” Chaka says. But, Indique’s Ericka Dotson came at the right time. “I like the quality of their hair and how they make their systems. It’s more of a life calling with them—it’s more than just a job. I think it has to be if you’re going to deal with people and the way they feel that’s going to affect them profoundly.”

The 10-time Grammy winner, however, isn’t caught up in the debates over what counts as good hair. “There’s no such thing,” she says to those still caught up in hair drama. “That’s crazy.” Ultimately, she just wants everyone to find their own comfort zone with their hair and haircare.

“When you think about, there’s no such thing as perfection,” she admits. “It’s a personal journey that every woman has. It’s an ongoing struggle, a theme within your life. How you came to be yourself with your hair and feeling good in your skin—that’s what it boils down to.”

Chaka Khan
Photo Credit: Allen Cooley

She is also open to helping women find the right look via tutorials. She wants women everywhere to “not be afraid to try new things and to see that the options are probably far greater than they give themselves credit for,” she says. 

Chaka does reveal what makes a good hair day, however: “A day with hair on my head, until it all falls off!” she says, laughing. “As long as I got some hair on my head, I’m good to go.” 

Pretty on point, given that lace fronts have given far too many women a case of missing edges. Chaka credits basic haircare for keeping hers. “Just take care of your hair,” she says. “You can’t get away with running around, slapping some shit on top of [your hair] and just keep it moving,” she says. “You want to incorporate good hair treatment and taking good care of yourself.”

Overall, though, her mantra is to do “as little as possible.” This does, however, include spraying her hair daily with a leave-in conditioner, which she prefers to get from the children’s aisle. “They are a lot cleaner, have less ingredients in them,” she says.

She also notes that her good big hair days might actually be considered bad for some. “Like when it’s wet outside,” she says, extolling the benefits of humidity. “Those are actually the days when it’s really best for your hair follicles and your skin.”

And what does it mean to her to be considered the epitome of free-flowing natural hair inspiration? 

“It means everything to me because I have to feel like myself and I have to feel comfortable with myself.”

Chaka By Indique is available online and at all 16 Indique locations across the country. For more info, visit

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