How Protective Is Your Protective Style?

box braids
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Summer is fast approaching and with warmer weather comes an influx of beauty mavens rocking the latest protective style lewk. Unfortunately, it also means that many mavens are discovering the hard way that their fly protective style wasn’t all that protective.

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The damage after taking your hair down could be as traumatic as molded, matted hair where you have to mini chop just to get your hair in order. It could also be as minor — but just as damaging — as braids that are too tight, like in Bev The Beauty’s video below.

Whatever it is, we want to remind our fellow hairnistas on how to keep the hair drama to a minimum this summer.

So, whether its a sew-in, box braids, Fulani cornrows, crochet installs or any other braided up mash-up, swipe through for a refresher course on how to keep your tresses stress-free.

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