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Nothing beats a refreshing product that cleanses and nourishes your skin without a harsh feel. And, if it’s natural, all the better.

That’s why Pure Tropix has come in clutch for me as a must-have for my daily skin regimen. I usually don’t like to deviate away from my strict regimen, but with the brand claiming that this cleanser will transform my skin, I had to give the Purifying Honey Oil Cleanser($25) a try.

Once I rubbed the cleanser on my skin, I immediately felt the product penetrating my pores and getting all the gunk out. Even after wearing a full face of makeup for the day, I was surprised that this oil cleanser removed all of its contents with ease. Best of all, it left my skin feel smooth as silk. I followed up with my go-to toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer to complete my nighttime routine.

Much more than the typical natural cleanser, this product has definitely upped the ante! As a brown girl who suffers from hyperpigmentation, it helps that this product is formulated with African black soap and shea butter to fade away dark spots. Plus, its black castor oil and turmeric work to keep bacteria at bay while giving my skin a radiant glow.

Black castor oil and turmeric also comes in handy to keep blackheads and inflammation at bay for clear and radiant skin. Priced at $25, this cleanser is worth every penny.

I’m in love! Want in on this nourishing skin offering? Head on over to for more information.

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