Cardi B Wore A Whole Robe To The Airport (Again)

Cardi B is known for keeping it real with her IDGAF attitude and swag. Whether she’s rocking custom Michael Costello or Fashion Nova, she’s going to rock what feels good to her. And this time, her latest fashion move is all about comfort.

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Sweats and sneakers be damned, Cardi B was photographed Saturday (April 27) at JFK airport rocking a whole robe, Louis Vuitton slippers, and last night’s rainbow-colored ombre ‘do.

Cardi B
Photo Credit: Image Direct

The Be Careful singer gave zero f*cks as she prepared to board a 13-hour flight to Baku, Azerbaijan in southern Europe near the Caspian Sea. We’re not sure if it has anything to do with her stylist missing their flight, but we do know Cardi is all about comfort.

In fact, this isn’t the first time she’s been out in these streets in a robe. Last year, she was spotted a different time rocking a robe to JFK after Paris Fashion Week and also rocked a printed robe and LV slippers during a shopping trip to Barney’s last October.

Cardi B
Photo Credit: Splash News

We’d ask if our readers would consider pulling up to the airport in a robe and slippers — but we’re sure that’s not even a thing on commercial flights!

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