Tiarra Monet Shares Secret To Success In Beauty Industry

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Everyone loves a triple threat and Tiarra Monet is one of our faves. Known for always pushing through with a head-turning mane slay, a pretty beat and a fabulous sense of style, the beauty never disappoints.

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From becoming the newest face of Dark & Lovely to snagging a partnership with COVERGIRL and even hosting Snapchat’s Face Forward, Tiarra has been killing the game!

We got the opportunity to chop it up with the beauty to discuss her definition of beauty, the one piece of advice she’d give for success in the industry and more!

Hype Hair: You’re one of the most influential beauty influencers. How do you define beauty?
Tiarra Monet: Beauty to me, especially as an almost 30-year-old woman, is the way that I feel. I can feel beautiful in pajamas now and feel beautiful when I’m totally glam. Beauty is definitely a feeling for me versus a look. I think that comes with age. Confidence is everything.

HH: What advice would you give to aspiring beauty influencers looking to break into the industry?
TM: My biggest piece of advice right now is to be authentic. We all have a shelf life and you want to be known for being yourself instead of a carbon-copy of someone else.

HH: What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?
TM: I can’t survive a day without lip balm. It relieves dry lips, keeps your pout smooth, it’s simply everything.

HH: Tell us about your new projects in the works.
TM: I have two television segments coming up. I’m not sure when they’re launching, but I’m so excited. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, it will be available for everyone to watch.

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