Aaliyah Jay Reveals The One Beauty Product She Can’t Live Without

Aaliyah Jay
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If you’re obsessed with all things makeup and beauty, then you’re quite familiar with the force known as Aaliyah Jay. Known for her creative makeup tutorials, down to earth personality and resemblance to rap star Nicki Minaj, the beauty has gained almost two million Instagram followers and just over a million YouTube followers.

Dubbed as one of the most popular Black beauty influencers, the 24-year-old has scored partnerships with such brands as Boxycharm and Maybelline. She has even stepped in as Nicki Minaj’s makeup artist for visuals to Barbie Dreams.

Here we chat it up with the star about her must-have beauty products, what beauty means to her and the one beauty product she can’t live without.

Hype Hair: What does beauty mean to you?
Aaliyah Jay: Beauty to me means who you are, whatever you are, everything you have to offer, what you come with and bring to the table — that’s beauty.

HH: What advice would you give to aspiring beauty influencers who want to follow in your footsteps?
AJ: I would definitely say to go for it. People who are in this field, any field for that matter, who want to be successful tend to doubt themselves. Honestly, you’re never going to be 100 percent sure, so just do it. Put it out there because once you take that leap you can only go up from there.

HH: We see that you are booked and very busy! What are some new projects you have in the works?
AJ: Right now I’m working on a new drop from my Aaliyah Army collection and three other projects in the works. Hopefully, a show!

HH: What is the one beauty product you have to keep in your purse at all times?
AJ: Lip gloss by far! I have 10 lip glosses that are literally the same color, but I honestly can’t live without them.

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