Tokyo Stylez Shares Secrets For A Flawless Wig Install

Tokyo Stylez
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When it comes to slaying the manes of your favorite celebs, wig expert Tokyo Stylez stays on top. His portfolio of lewks includes such divas as Cardi B, Beyoncéand Nicki Minaj.

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While wig units are trending high in the protective style game, there’s nothing worse than a bad install. But, just because we all may not have the bankroll to sit in Tokyo’s chair, doesn’t mean we can’t rock a hot hair flip.

Luckily, we caught up with Tokyo at Beautycon to get the intel on a flawless install (and his number-one product for mane magic).

HH: We’ve seen your flawless work on faves. Please tell us what is science behind a flawless hair unit!
TS: These hands of course! [laughs] It all starts with having a good foundation. The base has to be laid. You want to make the sure the complexion tint is right for your skin tone. There is nothing worse than your lace not matching your skin tone. Otherwise, it’s not going to blend. You’re not going to have a flawless install.

Also, the hair and wig quality has to be top of the line. Minimal shedding, natural shine, effortless bounce — hair that looks like it grew from your scalp.

HH: What is the most important tip you would give us about styling a wig?
TS: The number-one tip for applying wigs is to make sure that hairline is flawless. Pluck that hairline, blend that lace, put makeup on it, tint it — do what you have to do. It’s the most important part for a natural look!

HH: Do you have a go-to wig glue?
TS: Bold Hold! They are killing it right now. Its the perfect way to secure the wig and melt the lace to your scalp. You can’t go wrong!

HH: What does beauty mean to you?
TS: Beauty, in my opinion, is having self-confidence and being you. You have to be yourself. If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will.

HH: What is one beauty product you have to have at all times?
TS: Thierry Mugler Alien perfume. It is everything! Pick up a bottle and let them know I sent you! You won’t be sorry!

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