This Nail Artist Designed The Perfect Nipsey Hussle-Inspired Set

Nipsey Hussle
Photo Credit: Kodak Lens

The tragic murder of Nipsey Hussle on March 31 has left family, friends and in mourning and celebration of his memory with an outpouring of memorials and tributes.

From marches and vigils to performance tributes, those rocked by his loss have taken to the streets in full force to honor the slain rapper. This is even true in the world of beauty, where fans are recreating his fashion looks and taking inspo for everything from faded haircuts to full nail sets.

Nail artist Spifster Sutton is one of them, recently taking to social media to share her “Nipsey set” creation a few days ago.

“Glad my client came and requested this design,” she wrote on Facebook. “I had to do it justice. Dope to see his fans paying respects in all ways.”

Nipsey Hussle X Spifster
Photo Credit: Instagram/@SpifsterSutton

The nail art was inspired by a custom Sik’s View bandana chore coat Nipsey was photographed in before his death, complete with patchwork designs and “Hussle” written on one of the nails.

Nipsey Hussle X Spifster
Photo Credit: Instagram/@SpifsterSutton

Are you feeling the design? Have you seen other fire Nipsey-inspired nail designs we should be checking out? Drop a pic below!

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