Angela Bassett’s Hairstylist Talks Hair Must-Haves & The One Hair Trend He Wishes Would Go Away

Angela Bassett x Randy Stodghill
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Awards season may be over, but Angela Bassett and her ageless style is the gift that keeps on giving — especially when it comes to her killer mane. She’s shut down red carpets and nights out with everything from kinky textured blowouts and free-flowing power ponytails to slicked-back updos and back-grazing bouffants.

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But no diva can slay without a kick-ass hairstylist. Enter Randy Stodghill. This mane man has been behind her most classic and poppin’ ‘dos for nearly 14 years. He’s also served up hair crush-worthy moments on the likes of Sza, Kiersey Clemons, Adina Porter and more.

We caught up with the hair guru to find out how he got his start, favorite hair moments with Angela, and trends he wishes would go away.

Hype Hair: We’ve been watching your hair work for a while, and we’ve covered your slayage on some our faves, including Sza, DeWanda Wise and Kiersey Clemons. How did you get started?
Randy Stodghill: Thank you for the compliments! I got my start in Atlanta, GA doing hair, but I moved to New York City to study fashion design. From that point, I worked in a small salon in the West Village and I had my first styling celebrity encounter, Ms. Robin Givens. She then hired me to work on her talk show (at the time) as a hair stylist. Many years later, she introduced me to Ms. Angela Bassett and the rest is history…

HH: How did you end up working with Angela – she seems like she’d have her set team already, you know?
RS: Robin had given Angela my contact information, but it wasn’t until a year or two later that I saw her at a private party about 14 years ago. My other client, Christina Milan was nice enough to re-introduce me to her. We talked about how I worked with Robin Givens and we developed such a great relationship/bond.

HH: What’s it like working with her?
he is beyond a pleasure to work with. She exudes such class and humility, which I love.

HH: Do you have a favorite hair moment?
RS: There are so many favorite looks that I have with her! I love the pin-up straight hair on her from the 2018 Emmy Awards, but right now the big and natural hair that she wore for the premiere of Mission Impossible: Fallout just brings everything to life. It brings out her natural beauty and cheekbones.

HH: What are your go-to products when styling her hair?
RS: My go-to products would be any hair texture from The Extension Gallery because their hair is so versatile and durable! Anytime I need products, they are always accommodating for all of my hair needs. Whether you are looking for something inexpensive, something to last you for a longer period of time, or looking to take your look up a notch.

HH: What other hair products will we always find in your arsenal?
RS: My #1 product that I cannot live without is the Oribe Royal Blow Out Cream for a frizz-free, smooth application. Also, a durable flat iron with ceramic plates to get the hair smooth and straight along with a great heat protectant to avoid damage. Heat protectant is so important to maintain the integrity of your hair!

HH: What’s the most common question/advice your clients ask for? How do you respond?
RS: Clients constantly ask me how to achieve long, full hair. I always say that you must invest in the care of your hair. Purchase a quality shampoo/conditioner that hydrates your strands and also deep condition your hair at least once every two weeks. Also, don’t neglect your scalp! Make sure you keep your scalp clean along with massaging your scalp to activate the bloodstream, which will keep your scalp healthy, as well.

HH: Where do you draw your inspiration?
RS: I love taking a page from ’70s/’80s glam that Diana Ross, Diahann Carroll, Donna Summer, and Jayne Kennedy adorned us with. They were unapologetic when it came to displaying their beauty. Big hair, beautiful clothing, and bold statement jewelry pieces all while beaming with confidence. They were radiant, which is my overall goal when styling clients. To me, their glam set the tone for women of color currently (and beyond.)

HH: What spring/summer trends should we be checking for?
RS: Big, voluminous hair, a blunt bob or long, pin straight hair.

HH: What trends do you wish would go away?
RS: Ladies, stop adding a ton of bundles to your weave! It simply does not work (or look natural!) I see up to five and five bundles of hair installed and it looks un-natural! The golden rule is to use two bundles of hair when adding extensions. You can always achieve fullness with your hair if you purchase quality hair. Trust me!

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