Crochet #101: 6 Tips To Upgrade Your Install Game

Braid Pattern
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You want to make sure the hair is properly detangled and in its healthiest condition. Crochet braids are and should always be a protective style, free of excess tension on the scalp while giving the hair a chance to thrive and grow underneath the extensions. When the hair is uncombed or matted, it will produce bigger and bulkier braids, as well as the potential for damaged hair follicles later.

The Braid Down

The braids should start as close to the front of the scalp as possible to provide optimal styling options and a ‘“from-the-scalp” look. Every braid pattern is unique and should be customized to an individual’s head. Someone with a wide-set forehead would need more braids than someone with a very little forehead. Keep in mind the head-to-neck ratio. You don’t want big, bulky braids; however more than 15 braids can lead to an overly-full look. The braids simply need to be flat all around for ideal installation.

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