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Tangled Hair

5 Ways To Minimize Tangles

I think that the biggest complaint that I hear among other naturals has to do with tangles. But honestly, what can we…

Nicki Minaj Pills N Potions

6 Styles From Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pills N Potions’ Video

Although she’s ditched the wigs for her natural mane, Nicki Minaj still manages to show off a myriad of hairstyles in her latest…

Product Junkie

Organization 101 for Product Junkies

Are you a product junkie? No matter if you prefer to be dubbed a beauty enthusiast or a hoarder, one thing’s for…

Heads Are Turning for The Bronner Bros. International Hair Experience… And The Hair is Happy!

Nothing exudes the mystique and intrigue of the fashion and beauty industry as uniquely as the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show. Known…

Step By Step Sleek

Step By Step: Keeping It Sleek

We love the simplicity of long and sleek looks. They are easy to maintain, and they also make a great foundation for…

Ultimate Glamour

Try This Ultimate Glamour Style For The Summer!

Extensions, weaves, and clip-in styles are getting more and more extravagant. The latest trends are cascading looks that feature lots of volume,…

The Denman Brush Vs. The Wide Tooth Comb: Which Detangles Better?

With the many varieties of curl patterns and textures of natural hair, it can be tough to find what exactly works best…

Free-Flowing Soft Layers

Get The Look: Free-Flowing Soft Layers

All About The Style: It’s easy and breezy. Why You Should Work It: It is appropriate anywhere you go. The look is…

Natural Me 4C Bantu Knot Out

How To: Dry Bantu Knot Out

Bantu knot outs can be a tricky style to achieve. Sometimes they just don’t come out right lol! Too tight, not dry…

Fabulous and Full Hair

Get The Look: Simply Fabulous and Full Hair

All About The Style: It’s about the color, length, fullness, bounce and body. Why You Should Work It: To be fearlessly fine….

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