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This Type Of Hair Loss Could Be Linked To Fibroids

This common disorder may be the cause of your thinning hair.

Aloe Vera Gel

Regrow Your Edges With These Aloe Vera Hair Mask Recipes

Over styling, “protective” styles and even genetics have way too many women wondering where their edges went. While you can’t control genetics,…

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Know Your Follicle Status: How A Hair & Scalp Analysis Can Help Restore Your Edges

This is the first step to addressing hair loss and achieving longer, healthier hair.

Thinning Edges

Hair Expert DeShawn Bullard Gives 5 Tips To Combat Hair Loss

NouriTress founderDeShawn Bullard shares tips to combat hair loss in the African American community.

Cocoa Brown X Wigs of Love

‘Wigs Of Love’ Brunch To Honor Women Battling Cancer

Hair loss often adds on another layer of stress and self esteem issues during chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.  OWN actress and…

Razor Chic Atlanta

This Video Drives Home Connection Between Weaves & Hair Loss

Addicted to weaves? Maybe it’s time to rethink your hair care regimen.

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Survey: Your Hairstyle May Be Causing Your Hair Loss

Nearly half of black women suffer from hair loss, but only 81% seek out medical help. Even worse, our hairstyles may be the cause.

egg yolks

7 Reasons To Use Eggs On Your Hair

In need of some serious hair repair? The benefits of using eggs for hair growth and health may surprise you.

postpartum hair loss

5 Tips For Dealing With Postpartum Hair Loss

Georgina Fihosy, pharmacist and editor-in-chief of ‘That Healthy Feeling’, reveals the top five tips she uses to deal with postpartum hair loss.

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7 Medical Reasons Why Your Hair Is Thinning

Is your beauty regimen not helping you achieve healthy hair? Dr. Melanye Maclin-Carroll shares medical reasons why you may be experiencing hair shedding and loss and what to do next.

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