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Glowing Skin

10 Hair and Beauty Secrets From Africa

Boost your hair and skin regimen with these beauty secrets from the motherland.

woman drinking juice

12 Juices For Flawless Glowing Skin

Juicing has been around for ages and has mostly been used as a way to lose weight. But drinking a fresh glass…

woman exercising

8 Natural Remedies For Slim Thighs And Hips

These natural remedies can help firm your thigh and hip muscles, get rid of stubborn fat and give you toned, sleek legs.

sugarcane juice

6 Health & Benefits Of Sugar Cane Juice

Who knew this sweet stuff could be so good for you?

thick eyebrows

8 Natural Ways To Grow Thicker Eyebrows

From coconut and olive oil to aloe vera, here are 8 simple home remedies to help make your eyebrows grow thicker, fuller and darker.

Black women be like i'll be 50 next month

11 Ageless Celebs Who Are Older Than You Think

We can never be sure just how they accomplish it, but there are several black celebs who look as though they haven’t…

portable humidifier

8 Humidifiers You Should Try

We all know the benefits of having a humidifier in our homes. From soothing dried out, itchy, cracked skin to helping add moisture…


12 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Underarm Hair

Underarm hair is the unwanted gift that keeps on giving. It’s annoying for most woman, and can even be embarrassing for others…

woman using humidifier

7 Hair & Skin Benefits Of A Humidifier

Don’t be fooled by the constant changing of the weather, winter is still here and we are still battling the winter cold….

lemon water

Beauty Fix: 7 Ways To Use Lemon Juice For Clear Skin

More kitchen magic.