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lace front wig

Get The Look: Work A Lace Front Wig

The lace front wig technique is all about instant glam. Once only a luxury for highly paid celebrities, lace front wigs are…

Hair Memes

14 Hilarious Hair-Inspired Memes

Everyone loves a good joke even if they’re the butt of it. Hair memes, by far, are the funniest online jabs because…


The Pros and Cons of Going Natural

Natural girls and relaxed hair gals have become the Montagues and Capulets of the hair world. But let’s be clear: having natural hair doesn’t make you a saint…

Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe

Celebrity Couples With The Best Hairstyles

Outside of the normalcies must in a relationships like trust, love (so on and so forth), style is a huge component that makes a…

Nighttime Wrap Regimen

Scarves, Bonnets & Wraps, Oh My!

Most of you curlies have been wearing scarves and wraps since your relaxed days- I know I have! That’s because we know…

how to style hair workout hypehair

Preserving Your Hairstyle During A Workout

Whether or not you’re willing to admit it, there’s probably been a time that you’ve avoided the gym from fear of sweating…

Hair Code: 7 Rules Every Girl Should Abide By

Just like Girl Code, there’s a hair code, a set of rules and regulations that you nor your friends should ever violate….

Long and Strong

Step By Step: Long and Strong

This fabulous look features a grande display of marvelous spiral curls. As a styling technique, our hairstylist used a pin-curl type of…

8 Celebrity-Inspired Go-To Styles For This Summer

As the summer rolls around, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about styling your hair. Who wants to…

Mahisha Dellinger

Get Back to Your Roots: How to Transition

The decision to wean yourself from your “creamy crack” addiction and embrace your God-given kinks is one that most don’t take lightly….