Hair Care

5-Minute Updo Tutorial

Here’s what you need for this updo tutorial: 1. Stretched hair 2. Moisturizer for your edges and nape 3. Bobby pins 4….

Tantalizing Textures

Get The Look: Tantalizing Textures!

Contrary to popular belief, you are never limited with what you can do with your textured tresses. There are so many fun…

Color Crazy: 10 Celebs Who’ve Constantly Colored Their Tresses

Being a celebrity your freedom is often sacrificed. You do pretty much whatever your team directs you to do to appease your fans but when it comes…

Eva marcille

Curly Sues: 10 Celebs With Naturally Curly Hair

Being a curly-haired goddess is a gift that we’d all be happy to have. Sure managing naturally curly hair can be a task, it’s…

Whip Your Hair

Press Play: 10 Best Songs About Hair

The topic of hair can have you seated in your location for hours. Whether you’re getting it done, learning about it, or complaining about…

Tia and Tamera

Hair Crush Wednesday: Tia and Tamera’s Standout Styles

Admit it, you wish Tia and Tamera Mowry were actually triplets and you completed their trio. Ever since they starred in their hit…

Ups and Downs

Get The Look: Ups and Downs

Versatility is the best part of style because switching things up a little bit every now and then will always keep things…

Venus and Serena Williams

11 Celebrities That Are Overdue For a Complete Hair Makeover

We get that celebrities are often directed so much in their life that their beauty is all they pretty much can control. And when…

Dennis Rodman

Man Crush Monday: 9 Celebrity Men That Dye Their Hair

Hair dying isn’t just for women with a wild side or those that want to avoid grey hair. Men dabble in colors like their…


Velaterapia: The Hot New Brazilian Hair Treatment

Velaterapia! Have you heard of it? No? Well, its the next greatest hair treatment among Brazilian women. You may be familiar with…