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Curly Wash Hair

Would You Use Snot To Define Your Curls?

Aside from dryness, a major concern I receive from many naturals is that inability to acquire and then retain curl definition. Curl…

long, natural hair

3 Tips For Retaining Hair Length

Dr. Susan Walker shares key elements for minimizing breakage and retaining hair length.

healthy black hair

The Most Important Step In Your Hair Care Regimen (IMHO)

Hair care expert Dr. Susan Walker reveals why this activity is the most important step in your hair care routine.

Natural Hair

When Long Natural Hair May Not Be For You

My husband said I was bored. Maybe I was. Okay I definitely was. But it was more than boredom. It was the…

Natural Hair Woman

How to Know If Your Moisturizer Is Effective or Not

There has been a lot of confusion about what moisture actually is, how to moisturize hair and what ingredients should be included…

The Simple Step You Need to Include In Your Regimen For Less Hair Breakage

Coconut oil has been established as THE oil to use to reduce chipping of the cuticle, breakage and damage. Like most things…